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The Brooks Blonde Series of baitfish flies is a fly that works. This is the pattern that put saltwater fly fishing on the map but has all but fallen out of favor these days. Why? I believe that most anglers think the simplicity of the fly is not “sexy” enough to have in their box and fish. This classic, vintage fly works as well today as it did back in the day! 


Developed by Joe Brooks in the early 1940’s, this fly has accounted for many trophy catches. Joe tied this fly to increase his catch percentage of striped bass. The fly gained popularity with fly anglers and migrated its way to Florida, where it was found to be effective on redfish, bonefish, tarpon, weakfish, black drum, and in freshwater for largemouth bass and pike, as well as a host of other predators. In 1955 Joe Brooks brought the Blonde to Patagonia and proceeded to rack up a tally of unprecedented numbers. Eventually the Platinum Blonde would account for the world record brown trout - a beast of more than 24lbs! The Blonde is ties on premium Daiichi saltwater hooks in a variety of colors and several sizes.

Brooks Blonde Series

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